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Freckle: A Freelancer’s Time Management Tool

I tend to try out various tools and applications to find one the fits my needs.  Time management tools has always been something that was difficult to find.  Sometimes I would look for one that would work on multiple devices.  I also liked ones there were appealing to my eyes.  If I’m gonna use it … Continue reading

[Link] CSI Project Management (Brett Harned)

Working with a very small web development team can be difficult at times. I’m used to working on larger teams that have things such as version control (VC) and ticketing systems. Here at the advertising agency, we have none of that. So working on projects here is a bit backwards for me. I always tell … Continue reading

Single or Multiple Email Addresses

I was speaking to the owner of the advertising agency today and asked him how he liked his new iPad. He said it’s not bad. To him, it was like a giant iPhone. Basically he can see things better. He then continued to compare his email from his Microsoft Outlook to his iPhone to his … Continue reading

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