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Gowalla 3

If you didn’t already know, Gowalla 3 is out.  I couldn’t wait to try it out! What’s new? Connect to Foursquare (4sq), Facebook Places and Tumblr. Notes – Leave a note for a friend at a spot. Highlights – Now appears on the Spots page on the iPhone I gave up on 4sq a few months … Continue reading

Trying FaceTime on the Mac

One of the things that sparked my interest from the Apple Announcement was FaceTime on the Mac.  At first I thought, well what’s the difference between that and using Skype or iChat?  Well you can FaceTime from a Mac to someone on the iPhone and I guess vice versa using your email. I had to … Continue reading

The Conversation #28: Designing with Keynote

Dan Benjamin is joined by Luke Wroblewski and Travis Isaacs to discuss agile prototyping and designing using Keynote rather than traditional tools.  http://5by5.tv/conversation/28 myComments: This is an interesting show especially if you’re part of the design process.  I think it’s interesting to find alternative ways to present designs.  This one being more interactive, it gives … Continue reading

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