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Review: Code School – jQuery Air: Captain’s Log

A few days ago, I finished the jQuery Air: Captain’s Log by Code School.  Though I’ve played with jQuery for quite some time, I decided to still take the course just to have it on my profile page.  Turns out that I learned a lot more than I thought I already knew.  Sometimes I like … Continue reading

Online Classes through Code School

As I dive back into the freelance (I technically never left but was doing a lot of contract work for one particular agency), I decided to really get more into improving my development skills.  Though I’ve learned a lot through doing projects themselves, it’s always nice to have practice.  Online conferences are great!  The online … Continue reading

Improving Development

With all the things I do within a week, sometimes I feel like I could use just a week of improving my skills. Maybe school myself more on some important topics and development tidbits. Some people typically fit things here and there. I think it would be nice to just dedicate myself to a week … Continue reading

Having a Good Mentor Helped Me Become a Better Web Developer

Sometimes you don’t always learn everything in school.  After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems, I thought I was set to take on the web world.  Was I in for a big surprise.  I was very fortunate to have an actual developer job before I graduated.  I started out as an administrative assistant … Continue reading

Who Should Teach Web Development?

I came across a job advertisement for a faculty member at the Art Institute in Virginia Beach. Web Design & Interactive Media is one of the degrees but I noticed that you are REQUIRED to have a Master’s degree to teach. Now I understand that most college positions require you to have a Master’s Degree … Continue reading

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