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Do what makes you happy.

It’s as simple as that, yet it’s so difficult for most of us to really grasp. I believe that sometimes, we either choose to do what we love, or accept that we do what’s necessary to get by in life.

For me, I choose to do what I love. I never imagined that I’d have such a passion for my occupation. Doing my job is not merely doing a job, it’s doing something satisfying that others can appreciate or make use of.

I read an article about happiness. There was a part where it mentioned that we can be so unhappy at what we do, we subconscious sabotage what we do. I have once felt that I wasn’t going to where I wanted to be or even needed to be. I pretty much gave up in trying to succeeding. I appeared more successful at my other work than I was at my own. In a way, I blame myself for not trying to resolve my situation sooner. However, there is a lot to learn from both good and bad situations.

I do believe that what I do now can actually feel like an accomplishment. Even when I’m working on a project, I feel fulfilled. I may still be in the honeymoon stages of freelancing but I hope it never goes away.

If you’re not happy, save up some cash reserves and do what does make you happy.

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