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I was reading the latest .net magazine last night. Finally a magazine I would actually read on a regular basis with great content about web development. One that I was pretty interested in is Lea Alcantara’s article about self-branding. Pretty interesting considering I’ve been more interested in doing freelance projects to get that variety in my portfolio. With doing web development, 5by5 and A Book Apart, I’ve significantly increased my network within the past year. But because I do so many things, I kind of wonder what my network thinks of me. Some of the 5by5 fans didn’t realize at first that I’m actually a full-time front-end developer. I’m just as geeky as they are. Also, A Book Apart customers don’t always realize that this customer support representative is also a developer so I can speak firsthand how these books affected my life.

Aside from what I do, personality-wise, I wonder what people think of me. Not necessarily because I rely heavily on what people think of me, but more curious to see how I come off as via web. Most of these people have never met me in person or haven’t spent a lot of time with me. It’ll be interesting to see the results.

Feel free to send me the three words that you think describe me: http://threewords.me/candi

Once I’m complete, I’ll fill out the worksheet that Lea created: Art of Self-Branding Worksheet.

About candicodeit

ui/ux engineer @ DMM, customer advocate @ A Book Apart, Apple/web-geeky addict, major bookworm. Warning: my tweets are bit.ly/fasLFn.


One thought on “Self-Branding

  1. I was thinking about this the other day, actually. I have a mom blog side of me and a professional total nerdy side as well as a marketing side. It’s hard to segregate so the networks are all mish-mashed now. This means professional people have to hear about my children and mom bloggers read stuff about css and jQuery.

    Love the three word idea. If I came up with my own it would be: mid-life-crisis. heh.

    Posted by Mrs. Flinger | April 21, 2011, 11:20 am

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