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challenge accepted, Mac/iPhone/iPad apps

Challenge Accepted – Day 12

Day 12 – Something You Love

For the gadget geek that I am, I have to say I love my iPhone. If I forgot my phone or my wallet, I’m more likely to turn the car around to get my phone rather than my wallet. I know it’s pretty bad. I did have a life before the iPhone. I actually didn’t get one until the 3G came out.

iPhone Apps I Can’t Live Without

  • Calendar – Helps me keep track of my calendar especially when I’m planning 5by5 guests on the go.
  • Mail – Allows me to check all my email for work, 5by5, and personal.
  • Shazam – Identifies the songs I hear while I’m out or watching shows so I can download from iTunes later.
  • Clock or Sleep Cycle – Alarms me when I need to wake up.
  • iReconcile – Keeps up with my finances.
  • Starbucks Mobile Card – Buys my Starbucks in the morning without bringing in my wallet.
  • IMDb – Proves to my friends that I’m right about movie facts (most of the time).
  • Camera – Captures my life in a picture or video. Who needs a real camera.

iPhone Games

  • Angry Birds* – Launching an angry birds to take revenge on pigs. Addictive.
  • Cut the Rope* – Feeding your alien candy. Tricky
  • Big Bad Sudoku Book* – Playing with numbers that isn’t money.
  • Fruit Ninja* – Clean, easy way to destroy fruit w/o the stickiness.
  • Flight Control* – Respecting the flight traffic controllers by playing this game.
  • Qrank – Expanding my brain with random facts while competing with friends.
  • Tiny Wings – Teaching a bird to glide and fly gives me a good break from the angry ones.

* Game Center apps
[Note: Game Center username is candiRSX, same as my Twitter.]

I have tried using Android phones but I prefer iOS. If I had to suggest phones to my friends, I’d rather them have an iPhone or an Android over a Blackberry any day.

About candicodeit

ui/ux engineer @ DMM, customer advocate @ A Book Apart, Apple/web-geeky addict, major bookworm. Warning: my tweets are bit.ly/fasLFn.


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