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Review: Code School – jQuery Air: Captain’s Log

A few days ago, I finished the jQuery Air: Captain’s Log by Code School.  Though I’ve played with jQuery for quite some time, I decided to still take the course just to have it on my profile page.  Turns out that I learned a lot more than I thought I already knew.  Sometimes I like … Continue reading

Online Classes through Code School

As I dive back into the freelance (I technically never left but was doing a lot of contract work for one particular agency), I decided to really get more into improving my development skills.  Though I’ve learned a lot through doing projects themselves, it’s always nice to have practice.  Online conferences are great!  The online … Continue reading

Improving Development

With all the things I do within a week, sometimes I feel like I could use just a week of improving my skills. Maybe school myself more on some important topics and development tidbits. Some people typically fit things here and there. I think it would be nice to just dedicate myself to a week … Continue reading

Learning to Say No

There’s one thing you should definitely learn as a freelancer or even in general.  Learn to say ‘No’.  Saying ‘no’ doesn’t necessarily mean being negative.  You have to be realistic not only for yourself, but for others as well. I’m typically a people pleaser.  I always want to help everyone in some way.  But then … Continue reading

The Big Web Show 67: Special Message for

The Big Web Show 67: Special Message for Big Web Show Video Subscribers – Video http://ow.ly/1j6zXz

sweet tweets

  • Hoping this hot lemonade will soothe me enough to sleep. I just need a bubble until I have Emma. Being sick while pregnant is miserable. 1 day ago
  • This sore throat came out of no where. Wish I had lemons for hot lemonade. 2 days ago
  • Shifts looks like a nice new iOS calendar app to help manage work/school shifts. builtbysnowman.com/shifts/ 2 days ago
  • RT @aworkinglibrary: Today’s a great day to make a donation to the NYC food bank: foodbanknyc.org 3 days ago
  • Something is going down at the townhouses down the road. 4 cop cars. One cop jumping the fence and a guy pointing frantically. #nosyneighbor 5 days ago
  • What a stressful day. Unfortunately I can't relax yet. Just hoping things work out. 5 days ago

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