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A Book Apart – Designing for Emotion by Aarron Walter

Designing for Emotion - Aarron Walter

Designing for Emotion - Aarron Walter

October is a pretty lucky month. On October 18th, A Book Apart is going to release not one, but two books! One will be Luke Wroblewski’s Mobile First and Aarron Walter’s Designing for Emotion.

I have had the privilege to read Aarron’s book just recently. Let’s just say, if I could buy a copy for every agency and studio in the area, I would. This book is not only great for those who build on the web, but anyone who designs in general.

Whether you like it or not, we design for emotion. We want the audience to feel a particular way: safe, excited, surprise, sympathetic, etc. Regardless if we’re making an advertisement or creating a productivity tool, you want the users to feel something. Aarron explains how to make users feel that they are connecting to humans and not just machines. He shows you ways you can create a personality for your product. Aarron also gives great examples of popular products that provide a more personable approach to reach their audience such as Wufoo.

If you want to discover a better way to reach your audience, definitely pick up your copy on October 18th. Add more to your A Book Apart rainbow!

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