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challenge accepted

Challenged Accepted – Day 25

Day 25: Your Day

I will finish this thing if it’s the last thing I do.

Anyhow, my day. It’s a Friday, usually an uneventful day before the weekend. What I like about it the most is driving into the sunset. It’s been a crazy week with bronchitis and all. It was also an interesting week for me to reflect about my position here at 5by5. I never thought I would be this involved but I’m so glad that I am. I love all the people I’ve “met” whether they are guests or the amazing nerds in the chat room. I hope whoever’s my successor as producer will enjoy it as much as I have.

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ui/ux engineer @ DMM, customer advocate @ A Book Apart, Apple/web-geeky addict, major bookworm. Warning: my tweets are bit.ly/fasLFn.


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sweet tweets

  • Something is going down at the townhouses down the road. 4 cop cars. One cop jumping the fence and a guy pointing frantically. #nosyneighbor 1 day ago
  • What a stressful day. Unfortunately I can't relax yet. Just hoping things work out. 2 days ago
  • I wanted to jump up and down with excitement, but my pregnant self just busted into tears instead. #greatnews 5 days ago
  • The relief of finishing my baby registry. I've never had a registry before so this was definitely an experience. 5 days ago
  • The house we looked at this morning actually has an open house afternoon. We liked it. Cross fingers. 1 week ago
  • RT @CuteEmergency: the Doguments have been secured http://t.co/772BSG6oqI 1 week ago

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