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[Link] CSI Project Management (Brett Harned)

Working with a very small web development team can be difficult at times. I’m used to working on larger teams that have things such as version control (VC) and ticketing systems. Here at the advertising agency, we have none of that. So working on projects here is a bit backwards for me. I always tell myself that I would find a way to make an actual process for certain things such as planning, development and review.

But one thing that seems like it could be more beneficial part of a project is evaluation. Brett Harned, senior project manager at Happy Cog, wrote a great article about evaluating projects. Sometimes when we do projects, we hit a few snags that can slow down the project. But how do we get pass them if we don’t point them out? Brett talks about great ways to take an hour or two with the team to evaluate a project. We should all work towards working my efficiently and effectively.

Check out his post: CSI Project Management

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