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challenge accepted

Challenge Accepted – Day 24

Something You Wish You Could Change

If I could, I would love to rid the world of cancer. I unfortunately know it all too well. My sister had leukemia. My father had colon cancer. My mother and my aunt had breast cancer. My friend who I grew up with had liver cancer. Needless to say that I’ve been in the hospital more than I would like to. They say bad things happen to good people. Well I must be surround by simply amazing people. I can definitely tell you that cancer certainly didn’t stop any of them from living life. Don’t wait to be sick in order to enjoy life.

About candicodeit

ui/ux engineer @ DMM, customer advocate @ A Book Apart, Apple/web-geeky addict, major bookworm. Warning: my tweets are bit.ly/fasLFn.


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sweet tweets

  • It would just be funny to see this in someone’s yard: fancy.com/things/6222904… 12 hours ago
  • I felt weak today at the gym and then accidentally sent an emergency message to my mom and husband from my phone. #manicmonday 1 day ago
  • Glad to hear @blendconf was another success! It's also awesome that they had the karaoke again. ❤ 2 days ago
  • Well if my team can't win, at least Jimmy can rack some points for my fantasy team. We were so close! 😣 2 days ago
  • It's very rare when I regret telling someone certain types of personal information. I'll be more careful next time. 2 days ago
  • Exhausted from today but for a good cause. I helped paint and organize a room for Cerebral Palsy of VA. Great experience! #dayofcaring 🌈 4 days ago

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