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Review: Code School – jQuery Air: Captain’s Log

A few days ago, I finished the jQuery Air: Captain’s Log by Code School.  Though I’ve played with jQuery for quite some time, I decided to still take the course just to have it on my profile page.  Turns out that I learned a lot more than I thought I already knew.  Sometimes I like … Continue reading

I'm a freelance front-end developer and senior customer advocate for A Book Apart. In short, I'm a workaholic. I love geeking out about the web among other things. My addictions: iPhone, Twitter and books.
You can check out my portfolio on Zerply.

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  • RT @kevinmhoffman: Are you a front end dev? Need FT work? I know an awesome job, and you can work from anywhere in the continental US. http… 3 hours ago
  • Anyone looking for a front-end developer with experience in #ExpressionEngine and #Wordpress? Ping me! I know a guy 😉 #freelance #frontend 4 days ago
  • …new box of color pencils and then give the tray of pencils away? #ocdwithcolors 4 days ago
  • I think I’d rather my color pencils to be in the box in factory order than loosely in a tray. Is it weird that I want to just buy another… 4 days ago
  • In the ER waiting for my husband to get an X-ray. We got the same room he had last time we were here. Hope he doesn’t need surgery 4 days ago
  • Anyone have a digital antenna or have a recommendation on which one to get? 2 weeks ago

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